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Our focus on Organization Performance (OP) will be on the alignment of strategies, processes, performers, measures, technologies and management to achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance of the entire enterprise.

Our belief is that organizational performance is achievable only when an organization has defined the major elements that affect performance and aligned them (which often means redesigning them) to support strategies and goals.

Just as often the task of alignment also means ridding the organization of things (practices, policies, organization structures) that impede organizational performance.

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Business Process Management - Time for Change

The Process Advisor's Role

Creating the “To Be” Process

The “To Be” process can be constructed using a variety of approaches. These include process analysis techniques, creativity exercises, benchmarking and best practices, process design principles, and the use of information technology. This presentation will discuss each of these approaches and give appropriate examples.

The Manager's Role in Performance Support

Six Sigma - For All of Us

The Importance of Undoing the As-Is State

Case Study: Business-Aligned Decision Framework Approach Provides a "Disruptive" Enabler for Dramatic Improvements in Business Process Management

Becoming A Process-Focused Organization

A Balanced Perspective

Business Process Management - The Design Phase

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