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Robotic Process Automation within your Organization

Whether you are into BPM on a full-time basis or a general technologist, it is hard to not be seriously considering RPA or RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) in the mix of any business solution you are working on lately. For Pegasystems specialist, you may have been introduced to RPA by their fairly recent acquisition of OpenSpan (now Pega Robotics). Pegasystems is rapidly assimilating the RPA into their BPM platform (PRPC 7.4).  Although, integration with BPM is a good feature, in the industry RPA is platform agnostic and considered a platform in and of itself. 

I have seen some organizations establish entire reporting units dedicated to RPA, even with a well-established BPM practice already in place. In discussions with technology leads, some seem to have a hard time enunciating how RPA fits into the overall architecture, this will be mitigated once there are enough RPA implementations and associated case studies disseminated.  

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Process Management

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Using Business Architecture to Design Future Industries

Have you heard the news? Space has become Big Business. Currently evaluated at around $350 billion, studies done by investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch predict that the global space economy could grow to $1 trillion or more in the 2040s. 

The signs that space has gone mainstream are in plain sight. Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson are riding around New York City in a Mars rover... Iridium Communications is planning to launch its final Iridium NEXT satellite using a flight-proven Falcon 9 Block 5 booster… Elon Musk's rocket company is sending a Japanese billionaire and eight artists around the moon… The news making headlines in the social media are only the tip of the iceberg. Below the waterline, the space industry (appropriately called “New Space” - to distinguish it from the 20thcentury “old space”, which was mostly the domain of governments) is a place teeming with exuberance and ideas. 

Changing the Organizational Leadership DNA to Support a Digital Business

 “You can change everything about your business by changing your thinking about your business” – Zig Ziglar

Every day, I get up inspired and passionate about the opportunities in front of our company, to “Improve the health and well-being of our customers and communities”. This is our rallying call, our lifeblood, and our purpose that fuels our passion. This is the WHAT we are here to do, as we serve our State, as a Health Insurer with a mission and vision of service.

Being clear in the WHAT, with a strong mission, vision and strategy, is an important foundation. Equally important is the HOW we are going to get there. I have the privilege of leading the teams that serve as the Enterprise Business Strategy Activation arm and several change initiatives that are shifting how we think about the business. 

Automating Daily Tasks With Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Join Gregg Rock, Clay Richardson and Cornelius Pone as they provide you an overview of where and when you can implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as demonstrate an actual bot automating an arduous task.

RPA is something you should consider if you are wanting to reduce risk, redundancy and errors and increase productivity and compliance by automating daily tasks such as the following:

  • Extract and enter form data
  • Log into multiple systems
  • Download reports
  • Change passwords

What is RPA
Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of technology that automates workflows of administrative tasks and processes, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to complete and manage more complex work and tasks. 

Find out how to build your own bots at the end of the webcast.

Webcast Date: 
Mon, 10/08/2018 - 13:00

Going digital or going bananas

What is clear that every company, no matter what industry needs to “go digital” to reduce costs and improve customer experience.  For some industries, it is revolution rather than evolution. “Digital” is more than just driving efficiencies, it is reevaluating business models. As whilst digital can improve efficiencies it is eroding margins at a faster rate.

Nature is a great teacher. Think about the structure of plants and shells and the Fibonacci sequence. Or the strength of the honeycomb structure. These are math and engineering. But a bunch of bananas can teach us about going digital and business change. Seriously? 

A bunch of bananas

Mounting Pressure for Better Decisions

We are in a perfect storm for making great decisions and nothing less. There are converging forces that put a premium on better decisions in that organizations are being asked for more in a changing world. At the same time the number of assists that are available to boost better decision making are also emerging quickly. What are these forces and boosts to increase an organization's ability to make better at the minimum and great decisions at a maximum? The coming decision wars will be at the forefront of success going forward for organizations and individuals.

Forces Affecting Decisions:

Business Contexts Shifting Faster

Robotics is a GO, now what?

 The Future Is Now

Many companies are making the decision to step forward and implement various forms of Digital Process Automation, namely some version of Robotics Process Automation (RPA). There is a spectrum of Automation (Exhibit 1), from simple tasks that “bots” can easily handle to Artificial Intelligence. RPA is the next generation of process automation, moving from scripts and macros, to automating repetitive activities. Companies are choosing where to jump in and how to stand up to the new business capability.

Exhibit 1

3 months ago, we all thought Cambridge Analytica was a font!!!

Consumers are waking up to the fact that if they can’t work out what product that a website is selling, then they are probably the product. Or at least, their data is. We’ve all known this, but probably hadn’t realized how much of our data is being harvested, aggregated and then exploited.

Every business is now a digital business and data is the lifeblood. This is a major shift over the last 10 years, but the true impact is really starting to be recognized. This transformation is a as significant as the industrial revolution, and with the same redistribution of wealth.

So, let’s first cover off which industries or areas of business are being impacted by the combined disruptive effect of cloud, social, mobile, big data. That is easy. ALL OF THEM. 

The digital business

BPM Maturity is Needed for Digital Business Success

BPM Maturity is Needed for Digital Business Success

The importance of a process orientation in driving digital business success has been recognized for some time. In the early days of digital – it was already recognized that leading companies succeed with digital by re-envisioning customer experience, operational processes and business models.

Gartner has also stressed the importance of BPM in digital transformation success and predicted that a deficit of BPM maturity may actually  prevent 80 percent of organizations from achieving the desired business outcomes from their digitalbusiness strategies.[i]

The main options for deploying digital are:

a)     Find a digital tool and deploy it 

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