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Capability Mapping - Part 1

Leveraging a Foundational Business Discipline Capability mapping is commonly recognized as a business-oriented foundation for communication and collaboration, issue analysis and resolution, and prioritization and roadmap creation. Capability mapping is not hype and it is not an IT discipline. Rather it is a rapidly growing business practice that establishes a common business vocabulary that enables an organization to articulate an actionable vision, state a clear direction, focus investment priorities, address merger, acquisition, divestiture and outsourcing challenges, and focus technology investments on clearly articulated business demands. To begin leveraging this powerful discipline, attend this half-day workshop. The session will allow you to jumpstart or accelerate the mapping and use of business capabilities for a variety of business initiatives. Half-day workshop topics include:

Capability mapping efforts not getting you to your destination?

Business-IT Aggregation versus Alignment

Launching a Business Architecture Community of Practice

Building Business Architecture That Endures

Discovering the Value Streams for an Enterprise

Capability Maps: Value of Financial Perspective

Business Architecture Drives Project Portfolio Prioritization

Paying Down the Architectural Debt with the Business Architecture

Business Architecture & Business Model Interpretation

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