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Embracing Services: SOA Governance

Business Rules in the System Life Cycle – Where do they belong?

Visualize Progress

Collaborative Business-IT Architecture Realignment

Coupling versus Cohesion…When to Leverage Services

Collaborative Business-IT Architecture Realignment

How Do You Use Enterprise Business Architecture (EBA)?

SOA, Business Process and Enterprise Architecture: Putting it all Together

With all of the interest in SOA, most organizations are trying to figure out how to integrate SOA with other major initiatives including Enterprise Architecture and Business Process. Mr. Orr discusses an approach which integrates all of these approaches driven from business context, business value and business process concepts. In this talk, Mr. Orr shares a number of SOA design approaches based on a common business semantic strategy for doing business analysis and high-level service definition.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to Maximize Value from Agility

The concept of agility has been in existence for more than a decade.  Several techniques such as modular designs and component-based architecture have been tried.  These techniques and their variants to improve agility did not fully address the two key factors namely, quickness and inexpensive, essential to maximize the business value.  Lack of agility resulted in underutilization of traditional process-oriented systems. Service Oriented Architecture to process-oriented system integration offers hope in addressing the key factors.

Case Study: Web Services Adoption in the Enterprise

Web Services offers great promise for large enterprises, but moving from project trials to enterprise adoption can represent a long road. First Data is a leading Fortune 500 financial services organization engaged in e-commerce, card processing and money transfer services that is exploring how to leverage this technology to transform its internal and external operations and will share its experiences in this regard.

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