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An All-Services Approach to Modeling Business

The Business Architect’s Service Portfolio

Establishing a Business Architecture Practice: A Practical Approach

Demonstrating the Value of Business Architecture before Determining a Business Architecture Tool

The Politically Savvy Business Architect: Lessons from the Field

Business Architects Are Data Scientists

Real Business Architecture in Action© Part 4 of 4

The Business Architect Collaborator

Report Series: Business Architecture Tools of the Trade

  About the Report Series: Business Architecture Tools of the Trade (BATT) has commissioned this one-of-a-kind report series to provide practitioners with the perspectives they need to understand the tools landscape. BATT Overview Report: Determining the Right Business Architecture Software for Your Journey
This Business Architecture Tools of the Trade (BATT) overview report will provide guidance in selecting the right tool for the right job by categorizing and matching tools to practice segments within your organization.  This Report:

Business Architecture: From Startup to Sustainability

In this webcast, Jeff will pinpoint the critical challenges of starting a business architecture practice and identify the specific steps you can take to move from startup to sustainability. Jeff will talk about the current state of the business architecture profession, roadblocks to avoid and best practices from successful business architecture practices.

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